Roof Types

Choosing a roof type can be one of the most challenging aspects of shopping around for a new roof. You don’t want to break the bank, but you want it to look nice and last a long time. At Alvarez Roofing, we get it. To help you get started, we have supplied some useful information that may help you narrow down your search and become a little more educated about the pro’s and con’s of each roof system type.

Asphalt Shingle Roof System

Asphalt Shingle Roof
Asphalt Shingle Roof


Asphalt shingles are widely available, have a very natural look, and come in a vast range of styles and colors.


On a modest budget, asphalt shingles can definitely provide an excellent value to the home owner and are fairly inexpensive to repair and replace. There are several different shingle price options based on shingle material and durability rating.


Perhaps one of the biggest selling points of asphalt shingles is their tried and true reliability. America has been using asphalt shingles for over 100 years! If you are looking for a roof system that is low maintenance and easy to repair, asphalt shingles are the way to go.

Metal Roof System

Metal Roof
Metal Roof

Versatile, attractive, and durable

Residential metal roofs come in a variety of colors, textures, and styles. We have traditional vertical seam metal roofing or specially manufactured styles to compliment any type of architectural elements. In addition to looking nice, metal roofs are also virtually maintenance-free, resistant to cracking and shrinking, and able to withstand severe weather conditions such as thunderstorms, high winds, and hail storms.

Cost efficient and environmentally friendly

In Florida, an insulated metal roof can save a home owner considerably on annual energy and cooling costs. Metal roofs do have a higher upfront cost, but they add value to your home and have a longer life cycle cost compared to other types of roofing materials. Depending on the insurance company, you may also be eligible to receive discounts on your homeowners insurance. Another added benefit of installing a metal roof on your home is the fact that they are made with up to 60% recycled materials making them very environmentally friendly. Oh, and if you are worried about a metal roof being louder during rain storms, you can rest assured they are well insulated and no louder than an asphalt or tile roof.

Tile Roof System

Tile Roof
Tile Roof

Tile roofs are a classic choice and very resilient to the elements. Able to endure decades or even centuries on both single family homes and commercial structures, tile roofs are made to last and age well. While a tile roof system can be costly, they do increase home value, give your home a luxury look, and will most likely never need to be replaced.